Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The puppies spent the day out

The puppies have attained too much biomass for their puppy room so they spent the day outside in one of the kennels. Several, including little yellow girl, were put in with Crinkles. Others were put in an adjacent kennel. They were having a wonderful time and Crinkles was finally able to have some playmates nearly her own size. She was being bossed about by yellow girl who is very fearless. Even though it was rainy, the day wasn't cold and their thick wooly puppy coats will keep them warm. I'm sure that they all piled up together in the dogloo for a nap. Tonight they will have some play time outside of the kennel but if the rain increases, they'll probably be put up so as not to get too wet.

The spring peepers are out on Wadmalaw and the jonquils are blooming at Surry. Everthing seems to be pointing towards signs of spring nearing. It hardly seems as if we had much of a winter this year, although I surely did experience a blast of it on my recent trip to Rhode Island. Hopefully, there won't be a hard surprising freeze in March. I like the soothing sounds of the spring peepers and go to bed each night listening to their night sounds from the wetland near the bedroom window.

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