Saturday, February 03, 2007

cold day

Today was one of those damp cold days that makes you want to stay in your pj's all day. Instead, I was up at o'dark thirty to take care of the dogs and then headed over to work with the rowing crew on the pilot gig. Our group has two of the 34 ft. wooden pilot boats but one of them was in need of work. There were worm holes and patching to be done. First though, the entire boat had to be sanded. We suited up in protective gear, face masks, gloves, etc. to avoid inhaling copper paint. After getting the boat bottom sanded, we worked on the oars to get them sanded and new collars put on. It was a very productive several hours but I was ready for a bowl of hot soup when lunch time came around.

The puppies are very full of themselves but it was too cold today to let them outside for playing. The ground was still wet so their visitors are coming tomorrow. I think that the next few days, especially Tuesday, are supposed to be chilly.

Stella got her stitches out on Friday and is doing great. She is visiting with a good friend for the rest of this month and will live partly there and here at Surry. She will no doubt be spoiled rotten since she will get to go for walks on the beach and sleep in the bed. I miss her but know that she will be treated like a queen while she is visiting.

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