Saturday, February 17, 2007

Coming home

It was wonderful to get home and see the dogs. The puppies have grown and are now 14-16 lbs! All of them were out in the yard today playing. I think that the little girl from Sally is very cute. She is totally full of herself. The black boys were bouncing around and playing with leaves. Crinkles is also full of herself. She is having a lot of fun playing with her toys. I am pretty exhausted after being away but am glad that there is a long weekend with Monday being a holiday. I hope to get some much needed rest and perhaps take the dogs to the doggy park one day.
Tilly and Anna were very glad to see me as well. Charlie really had his hands full while I was gone but handled everything in an amazing way. Thankfully, I won't have any more meetings in the northeast for a while and I never plan to fly through Detroit in February unless I absolutely am sabotaged by a travel agent. It was truly looking like Siberia!

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