Monday, February 19, 2007

Getting photos of the puppies

I received this photo of a boy with his dog. The puppy is from the Barrett x Clara litter and she seems to be very content! We like getting news and photos of the puppies and heartwarming ones like this really make me smile.

The boys from the litter had a wonderful time playing outside, although the weather was a bit cold for them to stay out long. Although these are Labradors, I don't like to leave babies out except during the day. Crinkles is now able to spend the night in the kennel but it will be a while before the newest puppies are able to do that. It's nice though that the days are getting longer.

Stella had a big morning at the beach running and sniffing. She seems to really enjoy playing with other dogs that she meets there. She also went to Pet Smart where she got a new red collar to go with her Sullivan's Island dog tag collar. We should all be so lucky as to come back as a Sullivan's Island dog.

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Leon said...

Awww, cute pic. :)