Monday, February 12, 2007

Long meeting days

I'm listening to the weather and hearing that a major storm is headed to New England. It is supposed to dump about 4 inches of snow in RI. I'm in Newport so I'm not sure whether it will head here or not. I flew from Charleston through Detroit and there was a snow storm there. It was magical to watch the snow falling. The deicing of the plane was interesting as well. I think that it is crazy though to have meetings scheduled in the northeast in February. Also, whoever the travel agent was who sent me through Detroit probably needs to spend about 12 hours in an airport that is socked in by snow. I once had to spend 23 hours in Brussels because the airport was shut down by snow. There were guards with guns trying to keep some of the screaming travelers in line. I sat around with a bunch of other Americans on the floor and we generally talked and played cards. It became pretty old after a while.

Charlie is doing okay with all the dogs but I'm sure that he wishes that I were home. Hopefully, I'll be able to get out of here on Friday even though I have to go back through Detroit.

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