Friday, February 23, 2007

Ear and mouth licking

I received a picture from an owner that shows Mia's ear that has been licked and chewed on by Gracie. Ear licking is not uncommon and I've watched our girls lick each other's ears. Sometimes it can be a sign of affection but it can also indicate that there is a yeast infection. I always check the ears when I see licking occurring. We use Chlorhexiderm to put on a pad and then wipe the ear out carefully. It's important not to go too deep into the ear. Otomax is another good thing to put in the ear.

One of the other cute things to observe is how the younger ones will lick around the mouth of the older dogs. This is a sign of submission by the puppy and is often observed with a young puppy and it's mother. All of our girls and boys are amazingly tolerant of puppies and youngsters. It appears that Mia also puts up with the ear licking and chewing by Gracie. Aren't Labradors the most understanding and kind dogs?

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