Thursday, February 15, 2007

Icy covering

Today, Newport is covered with ice. The meeting group was supposed to go to Prudens Island today but because of high winds and very cold temperatures, the ferry wasn't running. So we are going to do more meeting today and wind things up this afternoon. Unfortunately, that means that tomorrow there will be no meeting and my flight doesn't leave until 4 PM with my arrival back in Charleston at 11:20 PM.

Charlie says that the dogs are fine. I really miss them and am looking forward to seeing the puppies who I know have grown since I've been gone. Also, I haven't even seen the new yellow puppy from Reba's litter. Charlie said that she is very cute. I need to play with all the babies and perhaps take some of the dogs to the Isle of Palms dog park over the weekend.

Stella is doing well and is going to the beach every day with her human companion. She has decided that it's important to pick up all the mail and any items of clothing that she finds and take all of that to her crate. I'm not sure whether this means that she has decided to clean up or whether she is feeling secure by putting things from her human in her crate. It is funny to hear about this though. Certainly, she seems to be enjoying having constant attention.

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