Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Getting ready for cold weather

Labradors love the cold and are well equipped to deal with it. They have a thick double coat with oily guard hairs. They basically shed water. Nonetheless, I like to make sure that they have plenty of straw in their houses during the winter. It's funny to see what they do when the straw is added. They run into their dogloo, turn around a few times, play with the straw and then flop down in it. I've kept loading up the houses with straw as it gets tamped down. Last night, they seemed very happy to go into their houses immediately after feeding and hunker down for a cold night. Crinkle, the baby, comes in at night as do Anna and Tilly and Timmi. Anna and Tilly stay inside all day as well. Timmi enjoys going out and being with the others during the day. I think that having fresh air, squirrels to look at, and the companionship of other dogs really makes mine happy.

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