Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The February storm

I'm looking out at a snow covered Newport this morning. It is absolutely beautiful. The snow started around 1 AM and was really coming down this morning. I walked along the inner harbor and looked out at Narragansett Bay. The snow is going to change over to rain and sleet later with a freeze tonight and possibly more snow.

Charlie said that the dogs are all okay and the puppies are having fun. Sally Sasser sent a Reba x Lewis (Ch. Ghoststone Louie Downtown) to me who is the same age as the Clara x Barrett babies. So there is this lone yellow girl amongst all the black boys. Charlie said that she is giving the boys what for and gets right in there to get her food and chow down. She evidently doesn't take any stuff off the boys.

I'm missing being home and playing with the puppies, although the Charleston weather with a lot of rain doesn't seem to be as appealing as the snow on the ground. I'm just hoping to be able to make it back home on Friday.

It's Valentine's Day so I'm hoping that the doggies are getting their special peanut butter doggy treats. I got a couple of Valentine greetings this morning which was nice. Just remember, no chocolate for the dogs!

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