Thursday, January 11, 2007

visiting Gloucester and Mathews

I had hoped to see my cousin Rick today but there were several therapist appointments so I am going to see him around noon tomorrow. I feel a bit frustrated about driving hundreds of miles and not getting to see him more but I also understand how tired his wife Nat is. Also, there are good days and bad days for him and apparently today wasn't a particularly good day. So, I decided to fill my day with visiting Gloucester where I grew up and Mathews where my father was born. It was a nostalgic trip. I went to several places that I hadn't visited in a long time in Gloucester. In the late afternoon, I drove to Mathews and Gwynn's Island to eat dinner at the Sea Breeze restaurant right on the water. It was fun to see so many boats and have really good oysters at the Sea Breeze. I am a bit anxious about seeing Rick tomorrow.

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