Sunday, January 14, 2007

Touring Rhodes Point and Tylerton

Today I went to the 8:30 AM testimonial at the church. The testimonial is by various members of the church who talk about what has happened over the past week to influence them. The church is the Ewell United Methodist Church which was the only one at Ewell. I stayed for the later service which started at 9 AM. I had talked to the minister the night before about catching a ride by boat with him when he went to Tylerton. Tylerton can only be reached by water. The minister gives 3 sermons every Sunday. The first at Ewell, the second at Tylerton and the third at Rhodes Point. I rode on a deadrise work boat over to Tylerton and walked around over there. It was neater and less dilapidated than Ewell. Tom Horton who wrote Island out of Time lives on Tylerton. I had hoped to meet him but he wasn't home. After walking around Tylerton for an hour, I got back on the boat with the minister and we headed to Rhodes Point. From Rhodes Point, I walked back to Ewell which was about 1.75 miles away. Rhodes Point used to be named Rogue's Point due to the more unruly nature of its inhabitants. This is true crab country for sure. Last year's season was poor and more and more watermen are retiring or dying and few of the young people want to make their living from the Bay. I think that I shot about 200 photos today.

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