Thursday, January 04, 2007

Update on my cousin

Thanks to those of you who wrote about my cousin and closest relative, Rick. He had the surgery and as much of the tumor (glioblastoma multiforme) as possible was removed. Pathology indicated that the tissue removed was dead which is great news. Unfortunately, the effects of radiation are causing a lot of problems. He is currently in rehab for physical therapy. According to his wife, Nancy, he has difficulty walking and has a generally very glum outlook on many days. He doesn't want to talk much and has times when the anger at the disease is fierce. Sometimes he remembers things and sometimes he doesn't. I am going to Virginia to see him on January 10. I have read so much about GBM and very little is positive. Nancy would like information on alternative treatments for GBM and asked me to see what was available. There is a lot of non medical information on line but it is very hard to determine what is useful and what is quackery. I guess that I'm one who thinks more about medical research and what the studies have shown. Of course, there is a lot that isn't known about GBM. I realize that this is a very tough and usually fatal tumor. I am just hoping to see him and be as positive as possible. Miracles can happen and it would be wonderful for him to recover. That is my wish for 2007.


Anonymous said...

I hope he improves tremendously.

Anonymous said...

Cancer Sucks! I own a baseball cap that says that. My friend Joan found it on and it is one of my most loved pieces of clothing.

My prayers will be there for Rick and his family.

Gene, breast cancer survivir

BlondeonBlonde said...

Cancer does suck and this one seems to be one that doesn't go away. I am a BC suvivor also so have had a taste of the big C. I hope that was my only personal encounter with it. Thanks for your thoughts.