Saturday, January 06, 2007

Good wishes for Stella

This afternoon I heard from a friend that her dog Stella is having severe disc problems. Stella is a little mixed breed who is so sweet. She is having difficulty with her rear legs, so much so that she is dragging them. Karen is very concerned about Stella who is her heart dog. She is giving her predisone with hopes that the steroid will reduce some of the swelling around the disc. Hopefully, Stella will be feeling better soon. I've seen her jumping and running about so it's hard to think of her being in pain.

It was a beautiful day today. The puppies got out for a while and I went out for some physical exertion. It was great to just be outside. I've started to pack some for my trip to Virginia and Maryland. It's hard to think about it being cold next week as today is almost like summer.

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