Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday puppy pickup

Saturday was a busy day with two families coming to pick up their puppies. One of the little yellow girls from Gabby's litter went to a home in Florida and two of the boys are going to the upstate of SC to live. The puppies will have great homes and seemed quite taken with their new owners. I have a puppy packet put together that includes lots of articles as well as pedigrees and clearances for the sire and dam. It takes time to go through each article and explain the basics on care to the new owners. It was coincidental that both families arrived at the same time so everyone was playing with the puppies as I went through information and contracts with each party. Charlie and I were trying to hurry to get out the door as we were meeting friends for a basketball game. We managed to get away by 5:15. It was nice to relax afterwards at a favorite Thai restaurant downtown.

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