Friday, January 05, 2007

Smith Island

I'm a native Virginian and grew up crabbing and fishing with my father in the rivers around Gloucester, VA. I now make my living studying the waters and marine life of South Carolina and the southeastern US. Recently, I read a wonderful book entitled An Island Out of Time. It's about life on Smith Island, off Maryland's Eastern Shore. There are several of these islands, primarily inhabited by watermen, and I am going to visit a couple of them when I go back home next week. My primary time will be spent with my cousin but I know that he will likely tire easily and I'll have some free time. So, I'm going to drive to Crisfield, MD and take the ferry to Smith Island. Hopefully, I'll find a place to stay on the Smith Island Marina. I want to photograph and document in a journal many of the places that I read about in Tom Horton's book. I also want to visit Tangier Island off the eastern shore of Virginia. I went there when I was a kid but don't remember much about it. I want to photograph the deadrise boats so typical of the Chesapeake. I also hope to visit Deal Island where I can photograph some of the remaining skipjacks that historically dominated the bay fleet. I find that by using my camera, I can find comfort even when things appear glum. Hopefully, that will help this time when I go back home.

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