Monday, January 22, 2007

Tobias is a Ch---I think!

I received a call from Florida to tell me that Tobias had gotten his second major which finished his AKC championship. I was thrilled! However, later when I called to talk to the handler, he indicated that he had on the number of another dog when he took Tobias into the ring; however, he indicated that it was Tobias who indeed did get the major. So, I'm not really sure when this will be resolved. The handler talked to the AKC field rep who indicated that these kinds of things happen. Luckily, there is a photo record of the win so I can identify Tobias. Anyway, it takes away a bit from the excitement. I am hoping that all will be resolved soon and I'll receive his championship certificate from AKC in the mail. At least, I will be getting him back at the Charleston shows at the end of the month.


eugene said...

yay toby!

trixie said...

Tobias' sister, Mia, is quite proud of him and says "Yip, yip, yurrah"