Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yesterday at the Boat Show

I got home from Ohio around 9 PM on Friday evening. The next morning I left at 8 AM to head to Georgetown for the wooden boat show. The pilot gig was being trailored there as the rowing group would be taking people out for public rows. It was a blast! There were all kinds of wooden boats exhibited. There were sail boats, kayaks, canoes, rowing skiffs, and surf boards. There was a boat building contest that was awesome. I'll upload some photos of that. The boats have to be built with time recorded and then the boats have to be rowed in a race. The design is the Georgetown bateau. It was awesome to see the teams of boat builders working so hard on their boats. I entered the knot tying contest and did well to get all my knots done. I even impressed some of the old timers. For the public rows that we did, the kids were so much fun. The young children would sit next to one of us and we would show them where to place their hands and what to do. We were rowing and they were supposed to help and follow along. I would tell them, "okay, I'll push forward for the catch and you help me pull back". Well, each of them would always be pulling back when I was trying to push forward! It was hysterical as one little boy would be pulled out of his seat as I was pushing forward. He was pulling hard against me. A good workout for sure since these little boys are strong! Anyway, it was great fun and a wonderful day. I highly recommend going to a wooden boat show if you get the chance.
Today I'm heading to NC for a meeting in Atlantic Beach. I've been out with the dogs to spend the morning and play with them. I am pretty sure that Gabby is pregnant so puppies will be due at the last of November. Yikes--more babies!

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