Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fall rowing

I couldn't resist putting this lovely photo here as it captures the glory of fall on the water. I am so happy to be going out on the water at least twice a week rowing. I would like to get out more but house, dogs, and other stuff seem to prevent it.

We are still painting on the new wing and hope that our cabinet and finish work guy will eventually show up. He's had some tragedies to strike his life recently so I'm sure he will be around when he gets his act together. I'm just hoping that it is before Thanksgiving!

The dogs are doing great and are enjoying life as only dogs can. I'm hoping to enter some shows in November as October is completely taken up with meetings, judging and a lot of travel out of state. November through February should be good for shows as there are some that aren't too far away and the dogs will have coat.

Tonight I'm out on the pilot gig to row. I'm really looking forward to the Oct. 21 Georgetown Wooden Boat show as I'll get to go and help with the public rows on the pilot boat that day. I've been working on my knot tying also. Not sure yet if I'll enter the contest but I might give it a try. Well, off to go row for now....

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joan said...

Wow ...that is a lovely photo. Makes it seem downright sad that I sat indoors looking at a monitor all day.