Friday, October 13, 2006

Every dog needs a couch

I received a wonderful photo of Eugene from David Smith. In the email, David explained that Eugene was his best buddy and went everywhere with him. The photo shows Eugene resting on the couch looking at TV.

We've always maintained that Labradors long for the home life, being with their owners, and lounging about. Yes, they have active minds and need stimulation of all kinds. But they also just enjoy being part of the household.

We have placed a number of our retired dogs over the years. Some were former show dogs and some just didn't work out for showing or breeding. They are the ones that I think are lucky, because they get to go to great homes, have attention lavished on them, and live out their lives in bliss.

I'm happy for Eugene and for all the dogs who have a nice couch.


Pam said...

My dogs do enjoy a good couch. Even better - a big comfortable bed (and we're not talking dog bed here).

Dee said...

Eddy has a bed in every room but his favorite is a Sunday afternoon nap on the people bed with Ron! The couch is reserved for when the people aren't home!