Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Catching a squirrel

I was out at the kennels this evening and was heading back to the house when I stopped in my tracks. There was one of the dogs with a long brush tail hanging out of the mouth. It was a squirrel! I immediately went in the paddock and called over the dogs. The squirrel retriever was dancing around and having a wonderful time. She was so proud of that poor squirrel. Finally, she came over to show her prize to me. I was able to get the poor squirrel out of her mouth but it was already dead. My guess is that the squirrel fell out of one of the trees and was then picked up by a very fast Labrador. I felt sorry for the squirrel but at least I was able to get it away from the dogs before they each had a turn at carrying it.

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The Murphmeister said...

Me and Oz are always after Squirrels but never caught one yet.