Saturday, October 07, 2006

Working Saturday

It was another day of painting and staining on the new wing. I worked on the library walls and Charlie was working in the hallway. We are getting close to finishing the painting and then can have the floor guys come in to finish the floors.

The correct answer for the knot posted yesterday came from Trixie and is a bowline. One of my favorite knots is shown at the left. Which one is this?

I practiced on the knots for the contest today and also did some line throwing. There are actually contests for line throwing, mainly noted for the Tugboat Festival in New York. Lines are thrown from the boat to a bollard. The key is to throw the line straight out as if shoving it away from the body, rather than throwing like a lasso.

The dogs were loving the crisp weather this morning. They spent a few hours outside and I actaully had to wear a flannel shirt tonight. It is a welcome change to have the cool weather. The moon is also beautiful tonight. The harvest moon is occurring now. It actually occurs when the moon rises near sunset and sits low on the horizon. This appears to make the moon appear larger than it actually is. That is called moon illusion. At any rate, it is truly beautiful.


trixie said...

Sheet Bend; I am leaving for vacation so will not be providing any more answers for awhile

Eugene said...

Ooo, all these knots remind me of my boy scout days :) said...

That is such a gorgeous picture of the moon! I still cannot understand why this happens, but you have captured a most beautiful picture of it.

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