Saturday, August 11, 2007

Passed pre-application for Weims

I met with the AKC field representative on Saturday morning and had a preliminary interview on Weimaraners. All went well with my qualifications so I'm now approved to put in my application to judge. The new breed application indicates a number of enrichment factors that must be accrued in order to proceed. For example, I've judged two Sweepstakes for Weims, have attended a breed seminar on Weims, have co-owned a Weim who produced two champions, and have had a strong breed mentor in Elena Smith Lamberson.

Once my application is approved at AKC, then I will schedule an interview with an AKC field rep at a show and proceed to discuss the breed with the field rep. After that, all being well, my name will be published as a provisional judge and after five assignments during which I'm observed, then I can proceed to full status. I'm excited about moving on with the process.

The Labradors that I judged at Penn Ridge Kennel Club were generally nice. I put up a black dog for WD, a black girl for WB, BOW and BOS and a black boy for BOB. The yellows at this show just were not as strong as the blacks. It was a nice venue and was thankfully air-conditioned. Thankfully the weather was great with cool temps in the morning and highs only in the lower 80's. It was a perfect time to get away from the heat wave in the Charleston area.

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