Thursday, August 23, 2007

Driving to Atlanta

I loaded up Tobias and took off to go to judge in Atlanta. Tobias is going back to a handler because of a mess up that occurred when he received a major that would have finished his championship. Unfortunately, the handler had the wrong number on (it was for another dog) so the major win was recorded for the other dog even though it was actually Tobias who was in the ring. In spite of letters being written by people who were there and a photo of Tobias from a previous major win, AKC awarded the points based on the number. Thus, the points actually went to a dog who did not win. It seemed so unfair but things like this happen. So now Tobias is going back out to try to get a major which will finish him. I think that he will have about 20 points when he actually finishes if you count the major that really was his!

I don't like the drive on I-26 to I-20 so I generally take the back roads along SC 78 through small towns like Branchville, Denmark, Williston and pick up I-20 near Aiken. It gives me a chance to see small towns and their main streets, which are much more picturesque than the interstates with their billboards. It isn't a bad drive at all and provides something much more interesting to watch. I judge tomorrow morning so will have to be up early.

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