Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hair is everywhere

It's definitely shedding season at Surry. There are masses of black and yellow hair floating through the air and accumulating in the puppy room. I always get questions about how much Labradors shed. I wish that I didn' t have to answer that question. I would like to say, "Oh not very much." But believe me, Labradors know how to blow their coat. Twice a year, we see the blacks turn a lovely rust color as the dead undercoat starts to fall out. The yellows just send off floating hair balls and I have to take sticky paper rollers to my pants if I have a brain spasm and wear black around them.

So, just keep the broom and vacuum keeper handy. Invest in some wire brushes, especially slicker brushes, and get used to combing and raking. Your dog loves it and you'll get gratification as you watch those big wads of hair come off. I wonder if anyone has ever made a dog hair sweater??

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trixie said...

According to these two web sites, people are using dog hair to make scarves and sweaters.