Friday, August 03, 2007

Being a boat dog

Stella has learned to go out on a sailboat. It isn't hard to get a Labrador to enjoy the water but Stella hasn't been exposed to being on a boat. At first, she didn't want to get on the boat. But after lifting her on the boat, she settled down and seemed to enjoy being in the cockpit of the boat. I took her to Cummings Point on the back side of Morris Island. After anchoring the boat, Stella went over the side and we swam to shore. She went under, went "Baloosh" as she went under, and then came to the surface paddling away. She then swam like a pro to shore.

I think that she is enjoying her time on the boat, especially getting to swim and enjoy the water. But at the end of the day, I think that she then enjoys going home and lying on the cool floor. I think that the most important thing is to make sure the dog is comfortable and doesn't get overheated or stressed. Keep plenty of fresh water on hand and make sure that there is ample cool water from a cooler to put on the dog. If you intend to go out in the ocean, then it would be a good job to have a doggy life jacket. Most dogs will enjoy the experience of being in a boat as long as they stay comfortable.


Melanie said...

You bring back fond memories of sailing with my late husband and our then single lab. Once when walking to the slip our chocolate lab pup walked off the finger pier right into the water!!! Was he surprised! Then we had a hard time coaxing him back to the dock...too much fun chasing the sea gulls! When underway he loved to bite the waves on a brisk wind. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

lisa said...

Is that food next to your dog? How did you manage to get a labrador that will not eat itself silly? If I leave a bowl of food out. .. Maggie and Raison will trip over each other to eat it first and Guarantee there will be none left. Raison is our water dog.. but she does not swim,,she finds the coolest flat spot in the rivers when we travel to the mountains and plops herself down, creating a labrador damn.