Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dog powered scooter?

Here is an interesting concept that I was emailed about: a dog powered scooter. The Malamute, Siberian Husky, and Rottweiler are all cart or sled pulling dogs. I would tend to worry about joint breakdown in Labradors since they aren't dogs that have been trained to "cart" or "mush". I can also foresee what a wild ride it might be if someone happened to toss a tennis ball while I was being pulled along by Labradors. Yeow, where are the brakes??? Anyway, I'll let you decide and comment.


Heather said...

Tennis balls? What about squirrels? When I was a kid I let my dog pull me on roller skates. I stopped that shortly after our first squirrel encounter.

kathrinebj said...

i own a dog powered scooter and we love it! see my video at www.youtube.com/msbreeden
my 2 female labradors really enjoy going out on the scooter and it's helped with their reactive behavior. It doesn't matter if we see a squirrel, they just have to keep running!I'm a trainer in Texas originally from London! kathrine breeden, www.bekindtodogs.com

Lab/husky lover said...

Labs I think would be a better a sled dog than a rottweiler. Rotties are fighting or gaurd dogs they won't work well with others as good as labs. I had neigbors the had a rottie he was cute and friendly towards most humans but it wasn't the best with dogs including my dog. But a husky is the best best choice.