Monday, August 27, 2007

Ann and Paul Key sent the following about their dog Neilley, aka the Pinkster:

This past weekend, Paul and I had SO...much fun with Neilley. We went camping
up on the New River, at Twin River Family Campground, near where the North and South Forks of the New come together in the tiny, tiny narrow spot in the road, Crumpler, NC. (In Ashe County...near NC/VA border.) This was NOT a first for us. We’ve been camping there for 18 years. It’s the most relaxing get away that we have. And one that Simba, our previous Lab, enjoyed many times. Neilley has accompanied us on the weekend for three years, but
this year was a breakthrough. She forgot that she has little short legs, and really got into the “swim” of things. The river was at the lowest we’ve ever seen it. Humans really bump their butts in tubes these days, but Neilley thrived on the change in the current flow and actually wagged her tail after swimming. She didn’t hesitate to swim out into deeper depths. We’ve always kept a “tow” rope on her, as we did with Simba, because not only do we not want her to drown, but also do not want her going out on unauthorized mountain exploration!

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