Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting teeth cleaned

If you look in your dog's mouth as much as I do, you will start to notice that there will be plaque buildup as the dog ages. Most of our dogs have very good teeth but occasionally we have to schedule a dental cleaning for an older one.

The procedure will involve putting the dog under anesthesia while the vet will scrape off plaque and take care of any other problems that may have arisen. I recently had Abraham, my 9 year old cat, in for a dental. I had noticed that his breath was not great but found out that he had a rotten tooth. So the tooth was extracted and his other teeth scraped. Abraham now has just fishy breath and not rotten fish breath.

So if you've noticed a lot of plaque or bad breath with your dog, schedule a visit to the vet to see whether a dental cleaning is in order.

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