Sunday, May 13, 2007

Puppies and their moms

Today is Mother's Day. Although I don't have any human children, there are the dogs. Fortunately, they didn't wake up too early this morning. I'm thankful today for all the wonderful dams that we have had and their wonderful puppies. Breeding is a tough job and a very emotional and stressful one. I'm always sorry to have to put the girls through the whelping process. I'm sure if they could speak up about it, they would choose to eat and sleep, rather than give birth and raise up puppies. Thankfully, I don't have to think about any puppies for a while and am just going to enjoy the ones that I have.

I got back very late from judging in MA. Hartsfield in Atlanta was closed due to a large storm so there were many delays and planes circling. The plane had to go to Columbia to refuel and then back to Atlanta. I finally and luckily was able to get home by 2 AM. What a day! But I had great dogs to judge and very friendly exhibitors. I loved my Best in Sweeps bitch and the chocolate boy that went BOS in Sweeps was a wonderful example of the breed. Anyway, it's nice to be home for the weekend and have a few days off before the next travel time.

Hope that all the puppies are good to their human mothers today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth -

Russell Huffman is now six months old and his mother would be very proud of him! He is so cute and so happy! He is very playful and mischevious, all with a big grin on his face. On a more serious note, he has worked alot with a trainer and is doing very well! He has brought such joy to our lives. We are stopped often when he is out with us by people commenting on what a good dog he is and what a good looking dog he is. Once again, his mother (and you!) should be proud. As an owner of a Surry lab, we appreciate all you, your husband and all the dams went through during the first eight weeks of our puppies' lives. I will send you a picture soon. - Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Oh, labs are just the best! So well behaved compared to golden retrievers! The only dilemma when getting a lab puppy is what color?