Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's official

I received news that I am now a regular AKC judge for Labrador Retrievers. It's been over a year since I applied. In order to become a regular judge I had to complete 5 provisional assignments and be observed on three of those assignments to make certain that I had proper procedure. Now that I've completed the provisional assignments and received good scores on my procedure, the AKC board approved my regular status.

This is very exciting for me and it's been a long-term goal for me. Now after this approval, I'll be able to apply for other sporting breeds. I'll probably apply for Weimaraners next. It generally takes about a year to complete another breed. I've done Sweepstakes twice for Weims so they seem to be a good breed to try for next.

Anyway, it's another part of enjoying the sport of dogs.

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