Sunday, May 27, 2007

Enjoying watching the puppies

The puppies have graduated to the large paddock where they have more room. They had started to outgrow their small puppy paddock. It's nice to watch them stretch out their legs and run and play. There's a lot of young dog behavior starting with the boys picking on the girls. However, Maya and Crinkles seem to be able to hold their own.

The puppies are now absorbed with chase behavior and pouncing. They will all take off, run as fast as they can and try to catch another one of the puppies. Maya is usually a good target but she decides when she has had enough and lets them know it.

I've also separated them by moving the puppies into separate kennels. Maya and Crinkles stay together, two of the boys stay together and a third boy rotates out to be by himself. They were simply getting too to fit into just two kennels.

I can't wait to take them to doggy park.

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