Monday, June 04, 2007

A story about Jack

I want to share an email that I received from Mavis who owns Jack, an Anna son:

Dear Elizabeth,

I wanted to let you know how sorry I was to hear of Anna’s passing. She will always be in your heart, and I am sure you must have had wonderful times with her when she was alive. I have always loved your web site and your blog, and all those stories about your labs. I didn’t realize at first that Anna was Surry’s High Hopes, until you mentioned her full name and her daughter’s. Then I suddenly realized that Anna is Jack’s mom, and it hit me pretty hard too. I held Jack tight and told him his Mom had gone on to heaven. Jack’s (Ch. Surry Jack of Hearts) dad is Trendmaker’s Tycoon.

Jack is an absolutely super, kind hearted, gentle and goofy lab. He loves to play and run a lot. I am blessed to have him with me. I have another lab too, Buzz – and Jack thinks the world of Buzz. He adores Buzz, but Buzz is a lot more mellow and laidback, and you can see Jack trying his best to make Buzz play with him all the time. It is wonderful to have labs.

I am attaching two photos of Jack for you. He is the black one, the yellow one is his best buddy, Buzz. Does he look like his Mom too?

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and the two dogs. My labs are my kids, and they are spoilt rotten!

If you ever happen to be in Los Angeles, we would very much like for you to come and visit us. The dogs will love to meet you!

I hadn't heard anything about Jack for sometime. It's a long story and one of the reasons that I don't like to sell to "show" homes--ever, unless I know the person or they come highly recommended. Even then, there are dangers such as what happened with Jack.

A lady that I was mentoring and helping really wanted a puppy from me. I had known her for a while and she had some nice dogs, several of which she had gotten from a breeder friend. She came to see the Morgan x Anna litter and really liked a cute black boy. All seemed well for a while but then I began to get the thought that this lady was breeding too much. She had a personal hardship and then seemed to totally want to breed for money. I visited and found that the care of the dogs was not up to standard. I bought back a bitch that I co-owned with her and took another dog home. Jack was owned outright by her and she promised to find him a good home. I regreted ever having sold him and regreted that he lived in a kennel as just another dog.

Jack made his way to another breeder who I think took care of him. Yet, I still couldn't get it out of my mind that he needed to be in a companion home. I emailed his new owner who assured me that he was well taken care of.

Now, after this time, I am so glad to hear that Jack has a wonderful home. I think that every Labrador deserves a couch. And yes, I have a kennel but I know that the dogs are cared and loved with me. I didn't get that feeling with Jack's first owner for a number of reasons that I won't go into here. These aren't just dogs. They have a soul.

Thanks Mavis for writing. I can rest easy now.


Ann said...

Hi Mavis and Elizabeth,

It was good reading the story about Jack. I, too, read the blog often, and learn from its wisdom.

Anna, was my dog Neilley's mom too, and I also was hit very hard with her passing. Neilley was the little "Pinkster" that helped Paul and me heal from the loss of our previous lab, Simba, and wormed her way into our hearts from the time we met her, her litter mates and Anna, at Neilley's tender age of 3 weeks. She was the runt of the litter and we held her in the palms of our hands.
She's not a show dog, although she just got her CDC pewter plate award from the Greater Monroe Kennel Club last weekend. But she is one very spoiled "princess" who deserves not only the couch, but to sleep in our bed with us each night.
She's starting to resemble Anna more and more each day...she'll be 4 in August and is already getting a little silver on her muzzle...just like Anna.
She's our constant companion, and travels with us in my business which sells dog apparel at Scottish games and dog shows. Her job is to kiss all the children and roll over for belly rubs from the adults...and wear a kilt coat in the parade of tartans...and she loves every minute of it.
Just as you did, Mavis, I hugged Neilley really hard the night that I heard that Anna had gone over the Rainbow Bridge...and I told her about Anna. Oh how I wish that dogs could talk our we could have talked it out that night. It would have helped.
I hope that Elizabeth doesn't mind, but I put a memorial picture of Anna in the GMKC newsletter and shared the news with my dog friends.
She's in my heart, and my only regret is that we were so busy this last year that we couldn't come for a visit.


Ann said...

Whoops...I made a type, Neilley's award was the Canine Good Citizen, CGC! Ann