Friday, June 22, 2007

At the Beach

It's beach time for the dogs. Just remember though that there are leash laws and stiff penalties for violating them. Most of the beach communities in the Charleston area aren't wanting dogs around when tourist season starts. So find out what the law is for your area and abide by it.

Another thing to remember is to take plenty of water when you take your dog to the beach. Water temperature in the Charleston area can be very unpleasant and like warm bath water in the summer. It's best to rinse off your dog with cool fresh water and give the dog a drink of fresh water after visiting the beach. Also, remember to wipe out the ears and dry them so that yeast infections don't get started. A Labrador ear is a great environment for yeast colonies and with the humidity in Charleston, the yeasty beasties can get going and thrive.

Special thanks to Betsy Roumillat for supplying the lovely photos of Maggie who is from the breeding of Surry's Fleeting Glimpse to Ch. Trendlewood Song for Guy.

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