Saturday, June 02, 2007

Having more than one Labrador

I often get calls from people who want another Labrador because they want a companion for their current Labrador. I do think that Labradors like company and are happy when there is another dog to have as a playmate.

What I don't advocate is getting siblings or dogs that are too close to each other in age, such as two puppies. It's hard enough working with one puppy. However, if there is an age separation, then things can work out well. Getting a retired show dog is a wonderful idea because they are generally quite mellow, crate trained and already highly socialized. They also have the ability to cope with a younger dog.

So if you think that two is a good idea, I would agree. Labradors are gregarious and really enjoy having another dog to hang out with. Two can be better than one.

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Anonymous said...

I agree- two labradors must be better than one. I only have one at the moment, a sweet yellow guy who is 16 months old. (Mason is actually his Sire's Sire I believe) Labradors are such a great breed all-around. They're so beautiful when they are adults and have GOT to be THE CUTEST breed as puppies.