Monday, June 18, 2007

Shedding time

The kennels are filled with black mats of hair. The dogs are really blowing coat now. Labradors just look naked when they blow coat. One of the main characteristics of a Labrador is having a double coat that is harsh to the touch. My dogs all have shed that undercoat and now look pathetic. The puppies have still retained most of their coat so they still look good. Stella is starting to blow and there are big dust balls of yellow hair in the doggy room. Tilly is holding her coat but I know that when she blows, it is massive fall out!

The best thing to purchase is a slicker brush. Just keep brushing and brushing to get all the dead hair out. If you don't, the result will not only be hair balls everywhere but a hot spot might develop. Hot spots are basically a moist dermatitis and look nasty. A course of antibiotic medication and some Neopredf topical powder or Gold Bond medicated powder will help.

So brush out the old hair daily and even though you may have a naked looking Labrador, you'll save yourself some grief with no hot spots and less vacumning.

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