Friday, December 29, 2006

It hurts to sit

I was able to stand and walk today but sitting was very painful. My thigh is swollen, has a large hematoma on the side and is generally very sore to the touch. Now I'm hoping that I'll be better in time for the New Year's Eve row! Just doing the chores is touch and go today. Hopefully, some Ibuprofen will help. I think that I'd better get some non-skid down on the ramps.

The puppies are all fine and being adored by their mothers. It is almost time for the Gabby babies to go outside for a walk. The weather has been glorious.

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Ann said...

Sorry that you had a fall...know what it feels like. Had a tumble myself last summer walking through our back yard to feed Neilley. Get feeling better soon....Love, Ann