Wednesday, December 20, 2006

back to work

I went back to work this afternoon and it felt good to be out of the puppy room for a few hours. Even though it has all the comforts, it is nice to be back at the office to get some things caught up. I have a lot of reports and various editing projects to do during the holidays. Not many staff are in today and even less will be in tomorrow, but it's nice to have it be quiet and to have few interruptions.

The puppies are doing well and Clara is being very careful with them. I'm going to actually try to sleep in my bed tomorrow night. She seems to be careful about lying down away from the babies and not sitting on them which is always a worry until they become big enough (1 week) for that not to happen.

The wind picked up today so the rowing was hard tonight. There were only four of us which made the going even harder since we were fighting the wind and tide. It felt refreshing to pull on the oars though. A good feeling of being tired at the end of the day.

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