Monday, December 18, 2006

All the puppies are doing well

Clara has settled in nicely with her large litter of ten. They are content, nursing away and seem to be doing well. I will likely have to supplement them some with goat's milk, even though she has plenty of milk. It's just that this is a large litter and milk production may not keep up with demand.

Gabby's babies are now eating their gruel. They are eating, stepping in it and generally making a mess. Happily though, Gabby comes in and cleans it up, vacuuming the pad. That will only continue for a few days longer as once the babies are on solid food, the dam will tend to wean herself away from them.

I went back to work today but Charlie was at home with the babies. This afternoon I gave a talk to about 50 middle school students and had fun. It was nice to get out of the whelping room and do something that required thinking about work. Tomorrow I'll be at home for the day.

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