Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas frenzy

I wonder how many of you are rushing about trying to get all the holiday decorations finalized and fighting the crowds to buy gifts, etc. This year has been particularly out of whack because of having the new wing built at Surry and having a lot of trips for work and judging. I finally took the Halloween pumpkin off the front porch and began decorating for Christmas. I still have a bit more shopping to do but thankfully, have most of it completed. I sometimes think that the best thing to do is to go away for the holidays and make it a vacation. For example, just go to Sweden or go to Quebec or some other place that is cold and snowy. Here is Charleston, people were walking around in shorts yesterday. It doesn't make it seem too much like Christmas, although the city's decorations are beautiful! I am just trying to focus on just taking things slowly and not getting too caught up in the perfectionism and expectations of the holidays. Have fun!

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