Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fall down and go boom

I was out at the kennels this evening putting down the food for the dogs. I generally wear my Muck shoes that are rubber soled and impenetrable to clorox, dog poop and other nasty things. I must have been hurrying along a bit too fast because the next thing that I know, I'm on my back on one of the ramps with a searing pain shooting through my left thigh. It was like stepping on a banana peel: one minute upright and the next crashing to the ramp. I thought for a moment that I would vomit with the pain but gradually got up and hobbled up to the house with tears in my eyes. I guess that I have a very deep hematoma because there is a large knot and swelling on the outer thigh. I know better than to scurry up the ramp because there is rubber matting and it gets very slick with algae when the humidity is high (which is 75% of the time!). Anyway, I'm taking a Darvocet and going to bed. I hope that I can walk tomorrow.

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joan said...

Ouch! I hope you are okay.