Monday, September 11, 2006

In Georgetown

Although I'm at a meeting in Georgetown, I'm getting news from home about the dogs. Charlie has his hands full with taking care of all the dogs and doing painting on the new wing.
The temperature here is a high of 69 F here today so that is quite a change from Charleston. The topic for this workshop is on marine biodiversity. There are a lot of quite well known scientists here so it is a very stimulating conference. One of my programs, the Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center, is actually a part of the Census of Marine Life's Oceanographic Biogeographic Information System. What's alarming is that with the loss of species and the changes in biodiversity can change the important ecosystem services that we all come to rely upon. That is really the focus here and we will be doing work over the next several days to put our collective minds together to address the ecosystem changes that may occur as biodiversity change.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that the both of you are doing well. That is so good to hear! Jessie is doing wonderful and is as sweet as ever. We have been taking Sadie and Jessie for walks in the afternoon to a park where they love to roll around and take everything in. At night, before they come in, Jessie stands on our deck looking out and "sings" he barks so sweet at nothing at all and it is like he is singing. We are so blessed to have him in ourlives, he has never been any trouble and every one that meets him, falls in love. I hope everything is well! We love the first picture on the website, it looks just like our baby. Whenever you are getting ready to have another litter, please let me know... I have many friends who would be interested.. Thanks :-)
Annie Summey-Fuller
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