Saturday, September 23, 2006

Gabby has been bred

Barrett became interested in Gabby and Gabby also became interested in Barrett so a breeding was done yesterday and today. I'm not sure whether the timing was good or not but we will know in about 30 days.

I've had good news with OFA on the dogs since Emily, Lily and Barrett have all come back with OFA Good for hips and normal readings for the elbows. Thank goodness! It is always great when those are over with.

Today was spent painting the walls in the addition and varnishing the walls. I was dead tired after working on that since about 10 AM this morning. The walls look great as do the doors. Tomorrow will be more of the same. We are hoping to get the floors done in a couple of weeks. Another busy Saturday!

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imabug said...

woo, hopefully more puppies on the way! Yaenette says if you need a hand with puppywatch, give her a call.