Monday, September 18, 2006

Another happy home

We get a lot of requests for older dogs or junior dogs. These dogs usually work great for people who don't want to go through the puppy phase. They also make great companions for families with young children. Sometimes it is hard to find the right match. We've only had a couple of dogs that have "ping ponged" and it is usually due to not having the right dog for the right family. In one case, I don't think that any dog would have worked.

Sometimes personality of the dog just isn't suitable for active families. We had a junior dog that tended to be tentative and a bit shy. He especially didn't like a lot of loud noises. Because of this untypical Labrador temperament, it was a challenge to find the right home for him. He is doing well in a home without children and where his owner spends a lot of time with him. Being a calm dog who is very smart, he is very attached to his owner and is very good as a house companion. It is always a joy when the right dog is placed with the right owner. It is always worth the wait to find that right home.

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