Thursday, September 28, 2006

Heading to Denver

The LRC of Greater Denver specialty show is this weekend and I'm heading out there to judge Sweepstakes for Labradors on Sunday. I really like Denver and enjoyed spending some time there at a meeting a couple of years ago. I'm not sure that I'll get into the city but will at least get to see a bit of the mountains in the distance. It should be a fun time. The entry for Labradors is nice and the weather is supposed to be delightful with highs in the upper 70's and lows in the upper 40's. I'm ready for cool crisp fall air.

Our row last night on the Harbor was a bit tough as the seas were choppy and there were only four of us rowing. We rowed for a good 1.5 hour through the chop. I loved it! I really enjoy the differnt styles of rowing. The Dragon boat "chop" on Mondays and the single oar stroke on Wednesday. Then for fun, there is the traditional single rowing shell that I have. It really is good excercise but sometimes tough on the hands. I have more calluses than ever!

The puppies are really coming along and looking wonderful. Amelia and Aggie are carbon copies of their mother. I am excited about showing them this fall and winter. They should be fun, albeit a bit wild!

Hope that everyone has a good weekend and that my plane trips are uneventful!

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