Saturday, December 01, 2007

Holiday warnings

It's getting to be that time of year when the house is decorated, all kinds of good food is being cooked, and guests are visiting. It's also the time of year when you have to think about how your dog is reacting to everything.

Labradors don't stress over much but sometimes with a disruption in routine and a lot of guests, they can act out. Chewing on household items (generally the most expensive couch, rug, or heaven forbid a light cord) is generally a sign of stress or boredom. Make sure that electric candles and the Christmas tree don't become food or a fire hydrant for your dog.

Counter surfing is another thing that can occur during the holidays. The turkey has been cooked, the stuffing and other yummy items are on the counter and then you're distracted by a phone call or a guest arriving. This can present a golden opportunity for the Labrador sport of counter surfing in which the Labrador puts paws on the counter and proceeds to either pull dishes off or gets the whole turkey on the floor. Not a pretty sight.

It's also tempting to give your Labrador left overs from the table. A few pieces of turkey or some green beans will be okay, but too much rich food can cause the DD's or dreaded diarrhea. The DD's can sometimes be accompanied by the Urka Gurkas (you know that great sound that dogs make when they are heaving), all of which generally occur in the middle of the night and on the most expensive rug that you have in the house. Best to be conservative on the table scraps and save yourself an expensive rug cleaning bill.

The Holidays can be a fun time. Make sure that your dog is not forgotten in the hubbub.

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l mclain said...

The Hurka Gurkas!! ha what a great word,, sounds exactly like that. Since We own the premier counter surfer we have designated Maggie free zones, places she has yet to figure out how to get to... cookies, pies anything that needs to cool after baking has to go in the maggie free zone. Her newest conquest was a unattended jar of peanut butter on the counter. She managed to get the lid off, without hurting it, and clean it down to the level her tongue would reach,,, Before I noticed she was missing in action - No Hurka Gurgas but a bad break out on her chin.. a sure sign she needs to stay away from peanuts! Needless to say.. the peanut butter is now in a a maggie free zone!