Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Greyhound site visit

Star, the greyhound, and her humans came to visit Surry today.  They looked things over and asked questions that they were required to ask.  This is all in preparation for adopting a racing greyhound.  The local Charleston greyhound group has people who come to your house to inspect and make sure that you'd make a good owner of a greyhound.  

Star seemed to want to stay.  She came in, walked around and then flopped out on the floor in the kitchen.  She seemed genuinely sad that she had to leave.  And when her owner called for her to come on down the steps of the front porch, she went down and then trotted right back up and looked at the front door.  I think that she liked the good smells and the doggy noises at Surry.  

I learned that Star had been raced until she was 5 years old.  After that, she injured a hock and was retired.  The way that she raced around the front yard indicated that she still had the greyhound speed.  It was beautiful to watch.  

So if I'm lucky, there'll be a brindle female coming to Surry within the next couple of months.  With so many greys being put down every year, it's nice to know that one will have a home with all the happy Labradors here.  

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