Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What could be cuter?

What could be cuter than these dozen babies that were born at Lighthouse Labradors. The sire is Ch. Surry's Brick in the Wall and the dam is Lighthouse Albemarle Witch. The puppies pictured are 8 days old. That's the time when I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and actually get to sleep in my own bed.

I think that it's great that Marle was able to have 12 puppies and they are all doing well. I know that when one of my girls have had a large litter, I worry that one will get laid on simply because of sheer numbers. Puppies tend to crawl under an armpit and if the bitch decides to lie back, often the puppy is smothered. It's a heartbreak when that happens.

But when they get to be around a week old, the babies are finally big enough, and generally quite round, so that the mother can more easily feel a puppy. Most of my girls are so careful when they walk into the box or get up for a break. They place their feet very gingerly.

So congrats to Mason and Marle for their babies. I know that Lynn will have her hands full when these babies get to be four weeks and are bouncing around. Ahh...but then you get to have that puppy breath and it's wonderful.

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