Monday, December 31, 2007


Well, the fireworks tonight had a couple of the dogs a bit anxious. Most of the ones at Surry were hunkered down and didn't have to listen to it up close. However, I heard from someone who has one of the girls that the fireworks in the neighborhood sent his girl hurrying back to the house.

Some Labradors don't like loud noises. I can remember that Stella would always put her head down when she was in the group ring because she didn't like all the clapping. She definitely wouldn't make a good gun dog. I'm not sure whether it's just anxiety over the noise or whether she had more sensitive ears than some Labradors.

It's best to not subject your dog to fireworks if the dog is anxious about loud noises. Leaving the dog inside and perhaps even it it's crate is the best idea. Dogs feel safe in their crates. And with a cover over the crate, it's even a better safe haven.

Hope that everyone has a Happy New Year!

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