Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Love those Doggy Christmas Cards

We've gotten many photos from our puppy owners over the years. I have saved all of them. Some of the dogs have crossed the Rainbow Bridge while others are still enjoying life on earth with their owners. It's really special to hear from people how much they love their dog. It seems that some people really enjoy staying in contact and telling us how their dog is doing. Most of the time the news is good. And the dog is pictured right along with the rest of the family. And that's the point--they are part of the family.

The photo above came from Ann and Paul Key. It shows Neilley (aka The Pinkster) on her sleigh. She seems to be enjoying being dressed for the holidays. Neilley was very small at birth and there were worries during the first week whether she would make it or not. But she learned to nurse from a bottle and has grown to be a beautiful girl who is much loved by Ann and Paul.

Happy Holidays to all of you and your canine friends.

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