Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tobias is a Champion for real

I just heard from Jenn Howard that Tobias finished his AKC championship today in Ohio. Thankfully, this time the right number was on the right dog and he truly is finished. I am really looking forward to getting him home within the next couple of weeks.

Tobias should actually have finished in the spring but there was a mistake in which the handler went into the ring with Tobias but the wrong armband. Thus, the points were awarded to the dog whose number was on the armband. The handler immediately notified the AKC field rep and did everything possible to get the situation righted. I sent photos of Tobias from his first major but AKC refused to award the points. It was disheartening but at least now it's official. Mistakes happen sometimes. I just tried not to think about the fact that he had to go back out again and get yet another major.

Finally, though it's happened.

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trixie said...

Yips, wags & wiggles to Tobias from his sister MIA